Sliver of Popcorn Hull Makes My Dad Think His Tooth is Bad

I was trying to get my dad to go to the dentist. He had a toothache and he was afraid to go. He has not been to the dentist in many years. However, his fear of dentists has had him brush, floss and use fluoride rinses since he was a young child. He said he will do whatever it takes not to have to go to the dentist. I asked him some questions about his pain, and it sounded like more of a gum problem than a tooth problem. I finally convinced him to go to a dentist in Aurora as I am no expert.

Let me tell you how I got him to go. I asked him about the discomfort. I asked him how troubling it was throughout the day. He said it was interfering with his sleep and even eating. He said it bothered him all day. I told him that his cumulative discomfort had already far exceeded any discomfort he might experience during a brief dental visit. He rationalized that and made an appointment. I’m glad the dentist in Aurora was able to get him in the same day. Otherwise, my dad might have backed out and skipped the appointment.

After asking a few questions, the dentist figured out the problem. He used a small scraping tool to pull a sliver of popcorn hull out from in between my dad’s tooth and his gum. This was the entire source of his irritation. It healed up quickly after the popcorn hull was out. The dentist says he sees that problem a lot. I have had that happen myself, but I knew what it was. I just used a wooden toothpick to slide the hull piece out. It is not comfortable, but it works for me. My dad never had it happen before, and he thought his tooth was bad.